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Trudy Sullivan to Retire as Talbots CEO

Excerpt from WWD.com – August 13, 2013 “There’s no doubting that she’s very smart,” said Elaine Hughes, president of executive search firm E.A. Hughes & Co., … “But with some of these stores that have a long brand heritage, like Talbots does, it’s very difficult to try to contemporize that product.” “There’s a reason for […]

Talbots Looking For New President

Excerpt from online.WSJ.com – November 30, 2011 “To distinguish itself in the market,” said Elaine Hughes, owner of E.A. Hughes & Co., a retail-industry search firm in New York … “Talbots needs to resonate with the consumer as a brand.”   Talbots Looking For New President (paid online.WSJ.com subscription required) Article by Joann S. Lublin

Barneys snags a stylish new CEO

Excerpt from CrainsNewYork.com – August 23, 2010 “He has a lot of depth of experience in the luxury sector to understand ultimately what that customer is looking for,” said Elaine Hughes, who runs retail executive search firm E.A. Hughes. “For Barneys, now there is public leadership rather than a management by committee, and that’s always […]

Class of 2010: Glimmer of Hope

Excerpt from WWD.com – May 18, 2010 “It continues to be a challenge,” said Elaine Hughes, chief executive officer of E.A. Hughes Associates, an executive search firm. “One of the things that can give anybody a leg up, regardless of the school, is if they have had internships. If they haven’t worked in a retail […]

Layoffs Loom on Seventh Avenue

Excerpt from WWD.com – December 3, 2008 “In tough times, cutbacks are not always the wise move. In a store chain if there is a cutback on floor personnel, it affects the customer service, which will be remembered by the customers when business resumes at a healthier pace.”   Layoffs Loom on Seventh Avenue (paid WWD.com subscription […]

Claiborne, Designer Part

Excerpt from online.WSJ.com – October 9, 2008 “Mr. Rodriguez’s brand, known for sleek, body-hugging dresses that sell for $2,000 and up, “didn’t fit into the Liz Claiborne model,” said Elaine Hughes, chief executive of E.A. Hughes & Co., an executive-search firm. “It was a square peg in a round hole.”   Claiborne, Designer Part Article […]

Aeropostale Gets Grounded

Excerpt from CrainsNewYork.com – September 19, 2008 Elaine Hughes, co-president of retail consultancy Grayson/Hughes, cited the company’s resilient denim business and consistent promotions. “The past couple months, they’ve been hitting the numbers,” said Ms. Hughes. “There’s going to be a sales deceleration across the board, but no more here than elsewhere.”   Aeropostale Gets Grounded […]

Warnaco Suited for Success

Excerpt from CrainsNewYork.com – July 13, 2008 “We’re all talking doom and gloom, but there are bright spots out there, and Warnaco’s one.”   Warnaco Suited for Success (paid subscription to CrainsNewYork.com required) Article by Adrianne Pasquarelli