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J. Crew’s Challenge: What’s it Worth?

Excerpt from WWD.com – June 5, 2014 Still, Elaine Hughes, president of executive search firm E.A. Hughes & Co., said Lyons should not be overlooked. “The investment community needs to get over their infatuation with the single-genius theory,” she said. “Mickey Drexler’s success with J. Crew is well documented and at some point would be […]

Retail Industry Short on Star Executives

Excerpt from online.WSJ.com – April 9, 2013 “The bench of potential CEOs is sparse,” said Elaine Hughes, head of E.A. Hughes & Co., a retail-industry search firm. She mainly blames retailers’ reduced spending on management training and development.   Retail Industry Short on Star Executives (paid online WSJ.com subscription required) Article by Joann S. Lublin

Industry Speaks: How to Kick-start the Job Market

Excerpt from WWD.com – August 13, 2012 Elaine Hughes, president of E.A. Hughes & Co.: “The key issue is that government has to invest in training and development of mature employees, meaning those that have to change skill sets from those related to a standard brick-and-mortar model to an e-commerce direct-to-consumer model. That training would help […]