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J. Crew’s Challenge: What’s it Worth?

Excerpt from WWD.com – June 5, 2014

Still, Elaine Hughes, president of executive search firm E.A. Hughes & Co., said Lyons should not be overlooked.

“The investment community needs to get over their infatuation with the single-genius theory,” she said. “Mickey Drexler’s success with J. Crew is well documented and at some point would be a great case study for students interested in a fashion career. However, Mickey is one of the few executives who has created succession planning at J. Crew with the unique partnership of Jenna Lyons and Libby Wadle. Jenna being the president and executive creative director and Libby as brand president. It is the marriage of art and science, or actually design and merchandising.”

Hughes said Drexler “stuck his neck out” by making a designer president. “In this case, the designer, Jenna has been able to permeate the organization with creativity on all levels while maintaining the business savvy to have equal responsibility to manage the operations, real estate, etc.” she said.


J. Crew’s Challenge: What’s it Worth? (paid WWD.com subscription required)
Article by Evan Clark

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