Our unique and personalized approach to the retail and consumer executive search process represents our commitment to going beyond the search. With 30+ years in consumer-driven sectors, clients view us as true management partners, helping define the needs of their organization first, then getting behind the resume to uncover the whole individual, making sure the position and person address their long-term growth strategy. Our approach is high touch, bordering on obsessive, with superior integrity, and unique and candid insights.

Hiring the right candidate is a result of our interviewing process, we call it our Evaluation Framework for Success, assessing cultural fit and even more importantly, potential. E.A. Hughes employs the standards of behavioral interviewing, verification, in-depth screening and competency-based framework to accurately identify desired behavior and skills.

And, we are committed to ensuring a smooth transition and the continued development of talent long after the search concludes.

A modern CEO must possess a collection of related measurable abilities, commitments, knowledge and skills that lead to superior performance. Assessing a person’s competencies is at the heart of the E.A. Hughes Evaluation Framework for Success.