Your Partner in Retail and Consumer Executive Search

E.A. Hughes, a division of Solomon Page, is a retail and consumer executive search firm specializing in consumer-driven industry sectors such as consumer apparel, home furnishings, beauty, digital, e-commerce, footwear and others, with expertise in all channels of distribution.

About Us

Retail & Consumer
Executive Search

People in consumer-driven businesses that are responsible for aligning their executive team to corporate goals and emerging global industry opportunities, see selecting the right person as an art form.

So they turn to us, as retail and consumer executive search partners and citizens of the industry sectors we serve, to help define the needs of their organization and uncover the total individual, making sure the position and person address their long-term growth strategy.

  • Beyond The Search

    We aim to ensure the optimal alignment among your executive team, your corporate goals, and emerging industry opportunities. We are committed to ensuring a smooth transition and the continued development of talent long after the search concludes.

  • Retained Executive Search

    Executive search is a process that can be learned; choosing the best candidate is an art. Our approach is high touch, bordering on obsessive, with superior integrity, unique and candid insights.

  • Deep Industry Roots

    As citizens of the consumer, retail, apparel, home furnishings, beauty, digital, e-commerce and other industries we serve, we are continuously engaged with the people who influence these industries. They are friends and business associates who like us, not just because of our years of experience in the industry.