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Talbots Looking For New President

Excerpt from – November 30, 2011

“To distinguish itself in the market,” said Elaine Hughes, owner of E.A. Hughes & Co., a retail-industry search firm in New York … “Talbots needs to resonate with the consumer as a brand.”


Talbots Looking For New President (paid subscription required)
Article by Joann S. Lublin

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Barneys snags a stylish new CEO

Excerpt from – August 23, 2010

“He has a lot of depth of experience in the luxury sector to understand ultimately what that customer is looking for,” said Elaine Hughes, who runs retail executive search firm E.A. Hughes. “For Barneys, now there is public leadership rather than a management by committee, and that’s always positive.”


Barneys snags a stylish new CEO
Article by Adrianne Pasquarelli

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Class of 2010: Glimmer of Hope

Excerpt from – May 18, 2010

“It continues to be a challenge,” said Elaine Hughes, chief executive officer of E.A. Hughes Associates, an executive search firm. “One of the things that can give anybody a leg up, regardless of the school, is if they have had internships. If they haven’t worked in a retail situation, they’re more behind the eight ball.”


Class of 2010: Glimmer of Hope
Article by Lisa Lockwood

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Retail Execs See Pay Fall in ’08

Excerpt from – July 23, 2009

company boards “won’t severely cut ceo’s salaries,” said Elaine Hughes.


Retail Execs See Pay Fall in ’08 (paid subscription required)
Article by Alexandra Steigrad with contributions from Cecily Hall

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CEOs Turn to Boards in Tough Times

Excerpt from – February 23, 2009

“Some of the boards that are most effective in guiding the CEO are boards that have former industry executives,” said Elaine Hughes, president of search firm E.A. Hughes & Co., noting that boards also should have directors who could step into the CEO role should the need arise.


CEOs Turn to Boards in Tough Times
Article by Evan Clark

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Layoffs Loom on Seventh Avenue

Excerpt from – December 3, 2008

“In tough times, cutbacks are not always the wise move. In a store chain if there is a cutback on floor personnel, it affects the customer service, which will be remembered by the customers when business resumes at a healthier pace.”


Layoffs Loom on Seventh Avenue (paid subscription required)
Article by Whitney Beckett