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We are pleased to announce our new location next door to our partners, The Grayson Company.

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When you partner with E. A. Hughes & Co., you are guaranteed straight talk and timely results. Search to them is more than an isolated transaction. They want to understand the entire enterprise, its strategy, its culture and its inter-relationships to ensure that the infusion of talent will further our business goals.

– Maurice Reznick
CEO, Maidenform


Elaine Hughes, Founder & CEO

We are a team of search professionals

with vast experience in the fashion, beauty, home and consumer products sectors. We take a highly personalized approach to every search — and work alongside you and your management team to ensure that each placement fits your long-term corporate objectives.

E.A. Hughes & Co. successfully works with clients knowing that there is an integral relationship between the roles of executive search and the successful management of a business enterprise. Our industry continues to become increasingly complex, leading corporations to require much more than just executive placement. Our individualized focus enables us to embrace your corporate vision, and to provide both talent and ongoing consultation to ensure long-term success.

We provide an extra dimension of care and circumspection in every search assignment. We consider ourselves to be both friends and business associates to our clients, and we welcome inquiries regarding candidates and business strategy which go beyond the parameters of the search. Our staff is closely attuned to the personal aspects of the search process, engaging continuously with both candidates and your key hiring managers.

Our client relationships begin well before the search. As citizens of the industry, we are attuned to key evolving industry trends and can alert you and your management team to important market directions. Once we have embarked on your search, our dedicated team is at your side — continuously monitoring opportunities and providing personalized guidance and support. Upon the successful completion of a search, we work with you to ensure the successful performance and enculturation of the new executive.

E.A. Hughes & Co. has the resources to support your company in its quest for heightened profitability and long-term success. Together with our consulting partners, we provide your company with a multi-faceted resource for talent and strategy — a powerful combination in today’s highly challenging consumer marketplace. Every search is part of a larger corporate process.

Through our Grayson/Hughes affiliation, we can manage your search within the context of a thorough-going retail consulting initiative to improve your organization’s overall performance and profitability. Working with Dr. Michael Grimes, an authority in organizational psychology, we can ensure that each search is conducted within the context of an overall talent acquisition strategy for your organization.

E. A. Hughes & Co. — Your partner in executive search and beyond…