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When you partner with E. A. Hughes & Co., you are guaranteed straight talk and timely results. Search to them is more than an isolated transaction. They want to understand the entire enterprise, its strategy, its culture and its inter-relationships to ensure that the infusion of talent will further our business goals.

– Maurice Reznick
CEO, Maidenform

A Message from the President

E.A. Hughes & Company integrates deep and robust industry experience with a uniquely personal approach to executive search. Founded in 1991 by Elaine Hughes, our sole mission is to help clients put the best executive team in place.

To this end, we strive to capture and translate industry trends into opportunities which can be captured by a carefully selected team. Our clients in the retail, apparel, and textile industries consistently cite us as leaders in search… and as their partners in management.

As citizens of the industry, we are “in the trenches” on a daily basis interacting with current leaders, and identifying new leaders with the skills, capabilities, and personal attributes to match evolving business needs. When selecting candidates, we provide an overview of the complete individual – considering chemistry and fit within your organization in addition to experience and accomplishments.

Our holistic approach is more important now than ever before. The boom in web-based data centers has changed search dramatically; information on candidates is now widely available. Yet, mining this information in order to understand the candidate as a rounded persona presents a new challenge to organizations. Our clients recognize more than ever the need for a personalized view of a candidate that only connected and experienced partners in search can provide.

The arc of our approach sweeps far beyond the traditional search process. We work with clients to ensure the position supports the needs and long-term goals of the organization. We are there throughout the signing and transition process, and remain committed to ensuring a smooth adjustment and continued development of talent long after the search process concludes.

E.A. Hughes’ distinctive approach has led to our being recognized as the leader in search for retail, apparel, and textiles. Yet, our work extends far beyond the search – we aim to ensure the optimal alignment among your executive team, your corporate goals, and emerging industry opportunities.

– Elaine A. Hughes